Dental Implants, These You Need to Know

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root shaped like a bolt that is implanted in a patient's jaw to replace the lost tooth root. Dental implants are implanted in the jaw through a dental implant surgical procedure. The dental implant will then be fitted with a false crown to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are generally made of special metal, mostly from titanium. Titanium implants will blend into the jawbone through a healing process for several months. After integrating with the jawbone, the implant will act as the root of a new tooth. An artificial tooth crown will be installed next with the abutment which acts as a link between the dental implant and the dental crown. By joining the jawbone with the dental implant, the dental implant will not change its position during use by the patient. The advantages of dental implants over dentures are: Dental implants make it easier for patients to chew food, while dentures can shift when eating. Dental implants provide mo
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